Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oops Out of Order Post

I took these pictures on my phone and then forgot to use them on the blog...thus why this is an out of order post.

On Friday, January 7th we took our Camry in to get its 10,000 mile oil change and tires rotated.  Isaiah came with us so when we first went to wait we checked out the kids waiting room.  The kids room was pretty dirty and gross (plus only one adult sized chair in the room) so we decided to not hang out in there while we waited.  However, Isaiah refused to play with his Scout Scribble and Write toy on the low volume.  He wanted it on the loudest volume setting and we felt like we were disturbing the other guests so alas we went into the kids waiting room.  I guess you could say we had the privilege of waiting in the kids room!

Isaiah didn't seem to mind the conditions of the room.  I tried hard not to think about all the germs!  I seriously considered asking them if they would like me to clean the room for them...and then they could give me a discount on the work they were doing-ha if only!

The only benefit of being in the kids waiting room was that there was a huge window where we could look out and watch our car being worked on- so that was pretty cool for Isaiah. 

I am glad our new car only needs these maintenance appointments once a year.  Waiting an hour and half in the kids waiting room was not the highlight of our weekend!

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