Friday, December 24, 2010

Visiting the Grotto-Festival of Lights

On Sunday, December 19th we went to the Festival of Lights at the Grotto.  The weather was colder than when we went to Zoo lights on Friday. It was 35F and snow had fallen about an hour prior to our arrival, but the weather didn't stop us from having some fun!

We walked through the lighted path and listened to the Christmas story and then we went to check out the petting zoo animals. 
I was trying to show Isaiah that he could pet the animals.  He was watching closely.  I told him this was a goat, and then a volunteer informed me it was a sheep.  Oops!

Now I know this was a goat!  Isaiah did pretty well petting the friendly goat.

Grandma helping Isaiah pet and animal...goat? or sheep? I'm not sure!

Isaiah was more fascinated with the animal's fence than the actual animal.
Proud that he found OCTAGONS on the fence!
And here was the animal he was supposed to be looking at...poor donkey that Isaiah wasn't interested in looking at!
Grandma, Isaiah, and I having a good time in the petting zoo.
Mommy and Isaiah...I love my boy!
Grandpa, Isaiah, and Grandma in the petting zoo.
Isaiah liked the puppet show for the most part.  Sitting still wasn't the best, but he did love laughing when the rest of the audience was laughing!  I don't think he got the story or jokes, but maybe next year.
Our family of three by the huge lighted tree.
 Grandpa, Grandma, and Isaiah by the huge lighted tree.
The girls by the huge lighted tree.
The boys by the huge lighted tree.
 Daddy and Isaiah
 Mommy and Isaiah
 Kayla and Isaiah...finally a great picture of the two of them!
Our family had a great time visiting the Grotto-Festival of Lights!

After the Grotto we drive down Peacock Lane.  We had never heard of or seen this street before, but Trav's parents were familiar with it and wanted to introduce us to it too!  The houses sure had lots of cool lights!

After Peacock Lane then we to Krispy Kreme for a donuts snack!
The family getting ready to eat yummy donuts!
Isaiah showing mommy his yummy late night snack!
Stuffed face!
Enjoying his donuts!
The store was pretty much empty... so Isaiah quickly became the highlight of the evening!  The workers loved talking to him.  They asked him his name and age.  I think grandpa had to help answer the questions...but he did get a cool hat out of the deal!
Happily wearing his Krispy Kreme hat!

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