Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Trip to Eugene

On Wednesday, December 22nd we took a trip to Eugene.  Our first reason to travel down to Eugene was that the African Children's Choir was performing at Faith Center in the evening.  However, once we knew we were going down to Eugene we found a few other reasons for our trip.  We decided to visit the Holt International Eugene office and finally meet the people that helped place Isaiah with our family as well as bring him home safely!  We also met Alice and Terry and Becky and Dave (two of Trav's aunts and uncles who hadn't met Isaiah yet).  Here are a few pictures from our day.

 Isaiah took his afternoon nap in the car on the way down to Eugene.  He feel asleep holding Scouts was so cute!
 Here we are visiting Holt!
 This is the front of the looked fairly small.  However, once we got inside we realized it was bigger than the outside made it look.
 Mommy, Isaiah, and Lisa having some fun playing in the front of the Holt office.  Thanks for the awesome tour Lisa!  It was great to meet you in person.  Maybe we will have the chance to work with you again at some point in the future=)

I didn't get my camera out during dinner...sorry no family photos!

Here are the amazing African Children's Choir.  Isaiah loved watching the kids sing and dance!

 Look how focused this little boy was....he loved sitting on my lap and watching.  He also got down from my lap and stood beside us and danced right along with the kids!  The performance was great!

We enjoyed our day trip down to Eugene.  Isaiah did great on our day adventure.  Here is to hoping he does great on our trip over to Idaho next week after Christmas.

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