Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Dinner Preparations

On Christmas Eve Travis and I went to my parents house to help begin Christmas dinner preparations (Isaiah came too, but to play toys!).  The menu for Christmas dinner was potato noodles otherwise known as Gnocchi, olive oil bread sticks, and salad.  We made the Gnocchi ahead of time.  Here are a few pictures from the cooking preparations!
Mom trying to mix the dough together. 
Mom was successful and now the dough is all mixed and ready to be rolled into Gnocchi.
Mom testing out the dough and making the first potato noodle. 
My cute parents who I love tons!
Dad getting in on the "helping" process by pulling up my mom's sleeves.
Travis getting in on "helping" process and pushing up my sleeves!
Mom and I concentrating on making the best potato noodles.
Mom and I cooking!
My hands rolling the dough.
Mom's hands making the grooves in the noodle.
A tray of finished potato noddles...yummy!
Dad actually started helping once we got a system going...he was the noddle organizer.  Such a great job for him!
Potato noodles on a tray, getting ready to be frozen, and then cooked!

After Christmas dinner preparations were complete we enjoyed leftovers with my parents for dinner.  Then Mom went to wrap Christmas gifts, Travis and I worked on frosting our 2nd batch of Chocolate Ribbon Cookies, and Dad entertained Isaiah.  

 Dad put on music to entertain Isaiah. 
 Isaiah and Pops snuggling and listening to music.
 Travis helping me frost cookies.
 Starting to get silly...go figure!
 Documenting our progress...we frosted a lot of cookies that evening and enjoyed eating several too!

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