Saturday, October 10, 2009

Al's Garden Center

Al's Garden Center sells pumpkins for $0.99 a pumpkin if you buy ten or more pumpkins. Last weekend we took a trip to Al's Garden Center with my parents and helped them pick out several beautiful pumpkins.

My mom enjoying picking out pumpkins. This has become one of her favorite traditions.
We think we may have found one worthy of buying and carving!
Travis and I having a good time at Al's pumpkin patch!
I really liked these peppers so my dad took an artistic shoot of them for me.
Isn't this a crazy shaped pumpkin?
A happy mom with a shopping cart full of pumpkins.
My silly dad wanted to pretend to be a pumpkin.
A full car load of pumpkin. I can't wait to get to carve them!

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