Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulip Festival

Last Sunday we went to the Tulip Festival. The weather was really sunny and warm! We figured it could be crowded but we took the adventure anyways. We went on back roads most of the way and the drive was great, but then it took us about one hour to travel the last two miles. The next couple photos I got while we were inching along the road the last two miles.
I love this tall, green grass!
We were so excited to see flowers because we knew we must be getting closer to the tulip farm. However, these flowers were daffodils and they weren't in the greatest shape, but I liked them with the barn in the background. Can you see all the tiny dots? Each dot equals ten dollars the tulip farm made today. The tulip farm must of parked tons of cars today!
Beautiful flowers! Notice I am highlighting pink and organge, two of my favorite colors.Travis sitting on a tractor. What could be better?
A view of Mt. Hood and tulips.
My favorite flower picture that my dad took today!

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