Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cool Fact From Newspaper!

This morning I was reading the newspaper and found a cool fact.

Today is 4-01-2009 which is a perfect square number. 2003x2003=4,012,009

The article said that this century has 24 perfect square days.

The first was September 1, 2004. 3,002 x 3,002=9,01,2004

The second was March, 5, 2009. 1,747 x 1,747= 3,052,009

Today is the third perfect square day. I guess we have to figure out the next 6 perfect square days in this century on our own because the article didn't mention them. It did say that the next perfect square April Fool's Day won't be until 6016.

Ah, the crazy facts that exist!

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