Saturday, January 09, 2016

Trying to Do Our Best at School and New Undies 9--17

As much as we hoped this school year would be different for Isaiah school is already not going super well. Isaiah is academically a smart boy.  We hoped school would be enjoyable as academics should come easy to him, and the social piece would be his growth area.  However,  he still isn't fitting the the school mold well ... we aren't 100 percent sure what factors are affecting it... it might be the length of the day, large class size, anxiety of too many unknown schedules or people, sensory overload, or other things we haven't thought of or he hasn't been able to communicate with us.  We are giving it our best effort, but it's tough.

I made some focus cards so we could have a successful day.

While Isaiah was at school today, Esther and I bought him some new Big Hero 6 undies.  He was WAY more excited about them than I thought he would be, but it was fun to have a special surprise for him that he enjoyed so much.

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