Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trying on Outfits and Al's Garden Center 10-2

We are getting ready to take family pictures so we needed to try on a couple of outfits.  Then since we were in the outfit trying mood we moved to old outfits of mine.  We tested out her Halloween costume idea.

This was a dress I wore when I was little.  I think I kind of missed the fitting window for Esther, but still cute.

We were handed down this adorable Halloween costume and I was thinking it would need to be used next year, but I think we can pull it off for this year.  Two candy cane kids to come!!

Here is another dress I wore as a little girl.  This is going to be perfect this Christmas season.  It is so cute on her!

When my mom passed this dress on to me for Esther she mentioned she had some more matching fabric.  I had Grammy make Isaiah a tiny bow-tie to match Esther so he joined in on the trying on fun!

Just figuring out what fancy clothes we should have him wear in our family pictures.

This afternoon we went to Al's Garden Center to get pumpkin deals!
The kids cooperated for some fun silly fall photos!

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