Saturday, January 09, 2016

Sunriver Vacation 8-3 through 8-8

Campbell drew this picture in excitement of starting our 2015 family Sunriver vacation!

Our drive to Sunriver included a good nap!

Tuesday, August 4th

We love the Sunriver park!


The Sharc center is always the main highlight though!

This year Grammy and Grandad came to Sunriver for a couple days so they could experience all the fun we have while we are here!  They came to the pools, but just watched all the craziness instead of joining the crazines-ha!




 Wednesday, August 5th

We went to the Sunriver village and had a morning of playing.  

We enjoyed some calmness at the house today also.
Checking out the bikes from the garage and yes I am sporting Isaiah's awesome helmet!

We heard something, and then we found these deer.  So cool!

We convinced Daddy to give Isaiah a ride in the trailer.  He loved his ride!

Then we got Esther to go for a ride too.  Daddy had to work hard, but the kids thought it was great!

Silly Campbell tried to run me off the road!

Campbell wanted to try the bike trailer ride also!

Esther has been loving all the extra people to play with her.

Pops and I went to Bend to get some KFC.  My dad is hilarious!

Thursday, August 6th

Travis bought me donuts for my birthday breakfast!

For my birthday we made a trip to Hobby Lobby.  
I totally love this store!

Then we went to Abby's pizza for lunch, but the wanted Carl's Jr. so we brought that in for them.  

Today included some down time at the house.

We loved the bikes so much yesterday that we got them out again today!

 My kids and I!

All the kids have adorable 1982 (year I was born) shirts on thanks to Nonna and Pops buying them for everyone!

Friday, August 7th

We went to the Sunriver Village again and checked out the craft show.

We also checked out the tubing hill!  This is the first summer we have actually tried it and we enjoyed it.  It was hard work pulling our tubes and the kids tubes up the hill, but the ride was fun!

 There was been lots of time for drawing and coloring.

We made lots of yummy food while we were on vacation.

Saturday, August 8th

It's our last day at Sunriver!  
Here is our cousins in matching shirts photo.

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