Saturday, January 09, 2016

Sherwood Parade 7-18

It was a SUPER hot day, but we braved the heat for our boy so he could enjoy yet another parade!

 Trying to find a tiny bit of shade!

Here are all the pictures that I took during the parade.  Isaiah was very specific about announcing when I needed to take a picture or a video.  It was pretty much take a picture of everything-Ha!





Here are all the videos I took this this day at the parade! He loves each one of these videos.  Still today as he was working on his writing during our home school time and I was sitting next to him trying to catch up on blogs he got so distracted because he wanted to enjoy all the videos.  His reward when he finished his writing piece was to watch all these videos.  I love that he is motivated by simple pleasures of watching memories we have made together!

 Later in the afternoon we met Aunt Kayla, Uncle Josh, Kiara, and Josiah at the fountains.  

Uncle Josh is always up for an exploring adventure.  
He is so good with getting Isaiah out of his comfort zone!

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