Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Park in Chicago 5-29

We took a short walk from our hotel to play at this park.  This city park was very different from our parks at home.  The weather we very weird today... super hot and humid!  This made it a tad more difficult to fully enjoy the park.  Isaiah complained about being wet... he was super sweaty!  Not too long after our park time, it started raining!

We all took turns resting in this hammock.  It was so hot no one wanted to move.. and we wanted to find a much shade as we could.

Kristin met us at the park and helped the kids be silly and enjoy the park!

As you can see Esther was pretty grumpy and mostly only wanted to be held.  Pops had her for awhile and then I had her for awhile.  

Finally queen Esther was ready to explore a bit.

Isaiah found shade under the play equipment.

Well.. that exploration didn't last long.  Poor baby!

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