Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Mother's Day 5-10

Here are the couple things that Isaiah brought home for me from school.

Daddy showed Isaiah the under the house crawl space today after he fixed something on our inspection.  Isaiah and Daddy had a funny conversation too...
Isaiah-Is this the new house?
Daddy- No it's under our house
Isaiah- This is the wood house!
Daddy- It's under the house
Isaiah- Thanks for showing me the wood house Dad!

This is also the first picture I took of Isaiah after Daddy cut his hair too short and I didn't like it. 
 Now I am doing ok with how short it is and I kind of think it is cute.

Daddy taught Isaiah a new saying today!

We had a great Mother's Day!  
Church in the morning, lunch at Abby's Pizza with the Daniel family and then dinner at Nonna and Pops with the family! 

Nonna also helped Isaiah  and Esther do a project.  
Isaiah's turned out super cute... I guess cookies were on the mind!

This evening Isaiah asked to sing the song that Travis has been singing at bedtime. 
He calls it the New Jesus Loves Me Song.

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