Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lego Parade and Playing with Cousins 8-17

Isaiah and I used Legos at Nonna's house to make things from the parades.  He is so good at directing at what I should make for him.  Sometimes I can also get him to use his creativity and build things too and he ends up liking them, but never as much as my stuff.  Isaiah is silly!

Police Motorcycle

 Police Car

Fire Truck

Little Fire Truck

Army Truck

Army Hummer


Recycle Truck

Garbage Truck

We have had these wood blocks since before Isaiah came home.  They have never been the favorite toy, but every now and then we have tons of fun with them.  Today, was one of those days.  Everyone was working together to build an awesome zoo!  Days like today make me want to order more blocks, but then I remember that they aren't chosen everyday as something to play with so probably best not to add to our set right now

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