Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Keeping Esther Busy -FM Pony, Daniel Tiger, Frozen Backpack While Isaiah Is At School 4-20

Some mornings Esther requests to stay in her jammies when we take Isaiah to school.  On this particular morning I said yes, and then after we left I remembered I wanted to stop at Fred Meyer and get some milk.  Oh well, she is adorable even in her jammies!

As soon as we got home she was ready to change into her clothes.  She is getting really good at getting undressed and dressed herself if we are patient.  She is also voicing her opinion about outfit selections way more.  Today was going to be warm so she wanted to wear shorts like Isaiah.

Esther LOVES Daniel Tiger, but she calls it she calls the show Baby Margret movie!  There are only a few episodes that even include the new character so we have to watch a lot of the same episodes over and over, but on this particular day when I went to turn the show on... there was a NEW episode! I was so excited and it was a really cute show about nature and being outside.

She totally gets in the ZONE while she watches her show.  She got all the Daniel Tiger characters for her birthday, but we JUST got baby Margaret out of NECESSITY! Esther carries baby Margaret around the house most of the day.

We recently got a Frozen backpack for her to use when we travel this summer.  However, until today she hadn't been very interested in it yet.  Today, she packed and unpacked her bag.  It was so cute seeing what she deemed important to pack.  She also had a silly way to carry her backpack!

The Frozen backpack even had to ride in the car to get Isaiah from school.

Isaiah has been talking about playing Go Fish at school during his speech time.  While organizing the closet I found an old Go Fish game.  This Go Fish game was the game I used to play with Grammy.  Isaiah is addicted to playing Go Fish so it has been fun!

Isaiah is working on his How To writing.  Today we wrote about our weekend taking his Isaiah tree out from our yard and to Nonna and Pops yard.

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