Monday, January 11, 2016

Isaiah's Campfire Birthday Party 12-11

We decided to do a cousins slumber party this year for Isaiah's 7th birthday.  The party was campfire themed.  We pulled together most of the decoration at the last minute, but they turned out super cute and the kids had a blast!

I was organized on the pillow cases...sweet Grammy made these beautiful campfire pillow cases!

Josiah was in love with our choo choo train!

What's a party without getting a gazillion toys out?!

We made Mexican food for dinner so Isaiah could have his favorite meal of chips and cheese!

 Again we are blessed to have such a huge house to host these crazy birthday parties!

Isaiah got some cool presents!

There was lots of time spent playing in the tent and with the campfire pillows.

Here is Isaiah's birthday cake request-a campfire cake!

  After cake we got everyone in their PJS and then we started watching the Inside Out movie.

Esther is ready!

The adults chatted and the kids watched the movie. 

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