Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Isaiah! 12-13

 First we made snowman donuts for breakfast!

Then we let him open his birthday present from us.


It was a new garbage truck Lego.  He was excited, but he also liked the air pockets.

Esther was excited about his present too!

We started to build the garbage truck and Nonna and Pops came over for a visit.

We had a restful afternoon and watched a movie.  Then we went to Carl's Jr. for dinner.

 Then we went to Nonnas house to play and have some ice cream with them.
Esther set up Nonna's nativity.

They played food and made deliveries.

Baskin Robbins toys were out.  Pops and Daddy had to wear the hats and aprons.

These are Esther's silly ta-da poses!

We got candles on the ice  cream!

We sang happy birthday to Isaiah again!

There was even time to do some reading!

Esther was helping Nonna!

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