Sunday, January 10, 2016

Esther's 3rd Birthday 11-20

Daddy took Esther to get donuts for her birthday!

We gave Esther her present right after breakfast so she would play with it for a little while before we headed out for an adventure.

She was very excited about her new doll house.  We didn't realize there we would be doll house set Daddy had to help build a few things before she really got to start playing.

  Esther loves all the tiny things that came with the doll house.

Even big brother things this is a cool doll house.  He really likes the tiny things too!

They did an amazing job sharing the new doll house together.

Isaiah even made his own animal family to come join the dolls in the doll house.  
Squirrel- Baby 
Llama- Rebecca
Moose- Scott

The kids moved upstairs to play some toys while everyone got ready to head out for an adventure.

Where are we going?

We are here!

Daddy is silly!

The kids like to call this bowling!

The ride on toys is why we come to Chuck E Cheese!

Isaiah up on the play equipment...Esther isn't brave enough to go up yet.

After a fun afternoon out we came home for a bit to play with the cousins before heading out to have a family dinner at Mazatlan and party back at our house.

Nonna and Pops gave Esther some Brownie and Pearl books that she loved and had multiple people read to her throughout the evening.

Just some more Brownie and Pearl book reading.

Here is the famous Daniel Tiger cake that Esther requested for her birthday party.

Aunt Elise got both kids Oh and Pig Cat (stuffed animals from the movie Home) for their birthday present.

 The kids were so excited!! 

Grammy and Grandad gave her a Daniel Tiger Trolley!

Grandma and Grandpa got her a waffle set and a pizza set.  

We love our new house and that we can actually host parties now!

Cake time!!

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