Monday, January 11, 2016

December Moms Group 12-3

We made an art project/ gift for the moms with the kids.
When I was done helping the last kid I realized I didn't snap any pictures during the process.

Here we are setting up for our special Christmas nativity snack.

 The snack was a huge success!  They all loved it!

There is always time for playing toys!

We also had some new white playdough to explore.

Here are my kids final craft projects from today.  
They decorated a bag with foam stickers-this was the wrapping paper.
This was Esther's!

They stamped finger prints on the J is for Jesus upside down candy cane.
They also glued on the a tiny baby Jesus.

This was Isaiah's!

Someone sure loves her puppy!  Hugs for Sophie!

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