Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Day With Emily Spring Break Week- Friday 3-27

Emily came over to play with us for the day!  We had a blast doing all kind of fun activities.
First, we did fizzy paint.  A favorite of both Isaiah and Emily!

Yep, Emily helped him dye his hands crazy dark pink! 
Next, we went to Fred Meyer and rode the pony for fun!

Then we came back and did more art.  This time we made potato prints.  I had seen the idea on Pintrest to carve a potato to make it look like a decorated egg.  We had fun with this new experience.

We continued the getting ready for Easter fun and colored some Easter eggs!

Finally, we made a campfire out front.  The weather didn't hold super awesome so we didn't last long outside, but at least we got to enjoy it for a little while.


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