Friday, January 08, 2016

Columbus Zoo and Shawn's Baseball Game 6-2

The Columbus zoo is the best!  I had such a great time, and I can't wait to plan another trip to go again soon!  When we first got there we realized there was an animal show that we could go to as it was just about to start.  The show was amazing!  We all loved it and considered going to it twice, but we knew there was so much more that we wanted to see also.

This was the stage for the animal show.  Isaiah loved the Jeep!

Isaiah also loved the small campfire!

After the show we began our exploring!

There were tons of fun animal sculptures that we could climb on and take our photos!

This zoo has an amazing aquarium.  We also got there right when a scuba diver was feeding the fish.  It was so awesome to watch.  Isaiah was very impressed!

We had to make time for some snacks too!

We rode a short train ride.

Attempting a family photo...ha!

One of the last things we got to do was see the giraffes.  My favorite animal! Then we even got to feed the giraffes, which was such a fun experience.  Isaiah even tried it out, but he wasn't so sure about the giant tongue.

Both kids were so tired after all the walking around the zoo!

After the awesome zoo trip Shawn had a baseball game.  It was super windy, but it was fun to watch.

After Shawn's game we got some dinner and then went to see Josh and Brie's house.

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