Friday, January 08, 2016

Camping 6-11,6-12, and 6-13

Thursday evening. . .We made it to our campsite, we made an offer on the house we loved, and now we are enjoying the campfire!

Our big girl sleeping on the star bed in the tent.
Classic peace out fingers as she heads to bed.  
Goodnight sweet girl!

 Isaiah is having a sleep over in the trailer!

 It wasn't long before she was fast asleep!

Friday 6-12
Good Morning-I am hungry!

Let's start the day out right and play in the dirt!

We enjoyed some afternoon time at the park!

More adventures. . .


Esther was a serious hiker this camping trip.  


Down time at camp is always good too.  
Its a special treat to watch a Daniel show on the iPad!

Saturday 6-13

What a sleepy boy!

Not this girl, she is AWAKE and ready to get out of this tent!

She was very excited when her brother finally woke up!

Playing between the campsites!

These two kids crack us up!  
They sure do love each other and have the silliest conversations.

We even busted out some water balloon fun! 

  1.  Isaiah thought it was pretty funny to throw his water balloons at Missy's tires.

And to end today... our offer on the house was accepted!

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