Monday, November 16, 2015

Old Cartoons, Drums, And New Sherwood Park 2-21

For some reason we decided to pull up some old cartoons and show our kids.  
They thought they were pretty funny!

Isaiah likes his drums.  He doesn't play them every day, but when he does he has
a great time.  We recently realized he thinks the drums should be closer to the
piano so that he and Daddy can jam!  We tried it out and he LOVED it.

Sherwood updated one of their parks so we went to check it out.  It was pretty awesome!
Isaiah jumped in right away and started exploring.  He is doing so much better
at parks and is willing to try stuff he once thought was too scary. 

Esther was a little fussy and was having a hard time loving the park at first.  We finally got her
into a swing which helped her warm up to the park and then she moved on to other activities.

Esther took awhile to warm up to going down the little slides, but once she did
she liked it and she kept doing the three little slides over and over again.

There are several different music elements at this park.  Isaiah thought that was great!

After checking out the park we went to Mazatlan for dinner!  Esther requested a quesadilla.
We went for it and ordered a five dollar quesadilla and then she only ate about 3 bites...ha.
Oh well!  She liked it, but she was full from eating beans and chips!

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