Monday, November 09, 2015

Learning to Draw and Write Sentences-January

Jolene gave Isaiah a couple new drawing books when we went to visit them in Idaho.  I have been using the drawing (what Isaiah thinks is fun) to help him practice his writing (what he doesn't think is fun).  While Esther naps we have been enjoying spending time together creating these pieces!

Isaiah drew fast, but then wasn't happy with his coloring, so he
started again and his second attempt turned out so well.

I love his scuba diver!  He drew an orange starfish at the bottom that he didn't like so he cut it off.

Here is his final piece.  I am so proud of him!

Daddy even tried to do drawing and writing with Isaiah.  He got some drawing done, but wasn't able to follow through with a sentence. When I got home I helped do a little coaching and they tried another piece and they were more successful.

We all drew workers!

I love how he picks what we draw!  Today he wanted to draw pictures from his
BOB books.  I also love that he wants to write different sentences than what I write.


We have found lots of different ways to practice writing this month!  Isaiah is
getting more willing to write with me, but it is still not his favorite thing to do.

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