Monday, August 24, 2015

Isaiah's 6th Birthday and Advent December 13th

Isaiah got his drum set first thing in the morning.  He loved it!

He was ready to rock and roll!

 We had breakfast-he picked his usual breakfast foods-toast and yogurt!

Then we had Christmas singing rehearsal.

Then he requested we go to Abby's for lunch.  He doesn't eat pizza,
but I guess he loves the environment...he picked to sit by the fire!

Then we went through a car wash...something Isaiah thinks is great, but Esther isn't so sure!

Even a bottle doesn't help make the car wash okay...

Isaiah worked on his teacher Christmas present projects a little bit today.  He is making I Spy jars.

Isaiah got Lego Sarge as his advent gift.

Esther's advent gift was a Fisher Price Little Person.

 We even had time to do an outside fire for our birthday boy-with cousins!


Matching sweatshirts!

Before bed cute Christmas PJ's.



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