Monday, August 24, 2015

Christmas December 25

We made Blueberry muffins for  breakfast.  Esther was a great helper!

The kids had fun opening a few simple stocking presents from us.

Notice the fire was requested again this morning... luckily
we knew this could happen so we had DVR'd the show.

Even Daddy got a new toy!

Breakfast was yummy!

Esther was very proud of all her sticker tags on Daddy's present!

The kids were happy that Daddy got a new helicopter!

Daddy got a new game!  

Esther got a new baby doll!

We bought the kids some books that we had checked out from the library and they love...
"Zero" and "Two"!

 After our morning at home we went to Nonna and Pops house.

Part of our Christmas day activities included a walk to see the fountains.  
These silly boys sure love each other!

Christmas day show watching!

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