Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Madras Christmas Day (11-28)

I was trying to get Gingerbread Fred in a picture...
but Isaiah only wanted a picture if his cousins could be in it too.

 While adults were showering the kids played stickers. 

 We all got dressed nice and attempted family photos...the weather outside was frightful!

Back inside warming up by pushing Josiah around in a box...he loved it as
much as Esther does when Isaiah gives laundry basket rides at our house.

 Time to exchange presents!


Grandma and Grandpa opening all their presents...

Daddy and Esther watching them open presents...

 All the presents Grandma and Grandpa opened were the supplies we needed for a bathroom redo.

We gave Uncle Josh a mooing cow...the kids loved it and thought it was great!

 We gave Josiah one of our favorite Christmas books!

We gave Kiara a Doc McStuffins lunch box!

We gave Josh and Kayla a choice present... they picked to go to the Chris Tomlin Concert with us!

After dinner we decorated gingerbread houses! 


Isaiah was very particular about the windows on the gingerbread houses. 

Here is Isaiah's creativity with Daddy's help with the icing.



 We also brought our Gak from the Frozen party to play!

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