Friday, May 15, 2015

Trunk-or-Treat 10-26

Isaiah was a cricket and Esther was a lady bug!  
Here are the excited/good smile pictures before we left the safety of our driveway.   

The kids took a bit to warm up and then they had a great time passing out candy (eating candy-or at least some fruit snacks that we were passing out), seeing friends, and playing the games!

Esther giving her friend Addy a fruit snack!

Attempt at a family photo...seems like the fruit snacks won out!

One of our neighbors, Vivienne was also a ladybug-too cute!

Our neighbors Missy, Greg, Gabriel, and Allison came to visit us and play!

Here is the attempt of a neighbors photo...

Mommy and her little ladybug!

Esther giving LJ a fruit snack.

Isaiah handing Parker a fruit snack.

They even had farm animals,which Esther loved!

The Willis family came to trunk-or-treat too!

Greyson was Captain America!

Once the Willis boys arrived Isaiah was ready to go inside and play the games!

Campbell was Thor!

The church had a nice hay pyramid that was perfect for photo opportunities!

Gabriel as an Army dude and Allie as a SWAT team member!

Warming up even more and busting out the sillies!

Cousin photos...

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