Friday, May 22, 2015

Snow Day (11-13)

This has been a weird week..

School on Monday, 
No School on Tuesday (Veterans Day), 
School on Wednesday, 
Then No School on Thursday (Snow Day).

We didn't even have snow...a little ice, but we didn't complain about another SLOW morning day!

Isaiah wasn't a fan of the bright red light on our Ooma.  
So he got a towel to cover up the light.

We spent a good portion of our morning drawing!

We spent another portion of our morning enjoying library books!
"I am Blop" is a serious favorite book right now--we may need to purchase this book!

Yep, we enjoyed some ribbon cookies today!!

 Esther is enjoying helping me cook. 

We found time for lots more drawing!  This time we used markers, which they love!
Esther did a lot of scribbling and Isaiah made a few hand turkeys. 

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