Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Painting and Pumpkin Patch with Aunt DeAnn (10-5)

The painting project is still happening...
Isaiah wanted to help so I showed him how it was done and let him try it out for a bit.
The roller was pretty heavy for him and his interest in painting didn't last super long.
It was still fun to have his help!

After Esther woke up from her nap we went to another pumpkin patch-Koch Farm-our
all time favorite!  Aunt DeAnn got to join us and we had such a fun time! 

These two were being so sweet in the pumpkin patch field.
Isaiah was playing patty cake with his sissy!

Who doesn't want to balance tiny pumpkins on their heads? 

Riding the hay ride back with our pumpkins!

 Esther loved the animals!

 Ah...cute pigs!

Exploring the hay maze!

 Isaiah had fun climbing on the hay pyramid! 

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