Friday, May 22, 2015

Morning Errands with Esther, Afternoon Crafts with Isaiah, Evening Haircut! 11-3

Esther had a blast playing with the all the baby dolls!

I guess errands wore her out.

During Esther's nap Isaiah did a couple different craft projects.  
First we did stickers and wrote sentences.

 The second craft was painting suncatchers!

Isaiah found a suncatcher project that he had received as a gift last year.  He decided today was the day to complete the project-time to get our Christmas decorations ready!  The project turned into a small adventure-thank goodness I have the best neighbors-Missy Schwartz Folk and Katie Moore!!

Cute snowman ready to be painted.  

I couldn't get the small containers of paint open...Tools?!

I eventually got red open-he wanted yellow for his snowman, but settled for red and painted the sled.

I seriously couldn't get the other paint colors open so Missy to the rescue!

Missy was successful, but still struggled to open them too.
They were not easy-we needed more back up so Katie came to the rescue also 

Finally, a green gingerbread house!

All of the colors are open-what should I paint next?

Here are the Christmas suncatchers up in the kitchen window!!  We have a very happy boy!

He was a brave boy too and went with Daddy and got a hair cut from Sonya at Great Clips!

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