Friday, May 15, 2015

Carving Pumpkins 10-22

We let Isaiah try out the carving knife.  
He did it for awhile and then got tired.

Isaiah loves taking the top off the pumpkin and seeing the seeds!

Esther got to help take out the seeds.  
Neither kids was super fond of the messy hands.

 Once I washed the seeds then they both happily played with them.


Yep, Esther started making a huge mess by dropping the seeds on the stool/floor.

Here is our angry face that Isaiah requested we make on our pumpkin.

Isaiah wasn't interested in photos after the pumpkin was done, but he had a great time making it.

 Esther was willing to pose with the pumpkin though!

 "Isaiah come make an angry face next to our pumpkin..."

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