Thursday, April 23, 2015

Camping (9-19)

 We had one last camping trip to Stub Stewart State Park.  
This camping trip included Dan, Elise, Campbell, Greyson, and Grammy and Grandad!

Esther fell asleep just minutes before arriving at the campsite.

When we arrived Isaiah wanted to go to the bathroom....and check on the crazy air dryer....that he doesn't like and doesn't want anyone to use!  Yep, it was still there....and we kept him safe!

While Travis and Grandad set up camp the kids, Grammy and I played on the playground!

Back at camp and playing rocks!

So happy to be camping again!

Checking out Grammy and Grandad's RV. 

Stickers by lantern light.

During sticker time Esther somehow fell off the bench and under the
table even though we were all close by.  She got a pretty bad scratch!  

Headlamp on and heading to the bathroom before bed.

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