Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Wildlife Safari (5-23)

In May we went on a mini family vacation!  Our first stop during this vacation was at wildlife Safari. It was a blast and we can't wait to go again sometime soon.

There were funny signs as we arrived!

Excitement was building...

Cheetahs were the first animal we got to see. They were so close
and it just kept getting better and better.

On to more animals...

Isaiah LOVED watching the flamingos!  It was pretty cool to see them eat. 

We tried to move on to see other things...

. . .but Isaiah wasn't ready to move away from the flamingos
so we ended up going back to watch them for awhile more...ha!

Eventually we were allowed to move to see other animals.

Esther is telling me about the animals!

Esther LOVED the farm area!

My cute animals!

There was even a park on site!  The kids were happy to play after a few hours in the car.

These birds were crazy loud!  But Isaiah thought it was hilarious to watch them.

We walked through this area while we were waiting for our
turn to ride the little train around the park.

Finally on the train! 
Isaiah thought the train ride was great, and it did allow us to see some of the animals even better.

Then it was time to explore the Wildlife Safari by doing the driving part.  The van was the
perfect vehicle for this because the kids could move around a bit and we could see so much!

Isaiah even got to "drive"

Then Esther got to "drive"

Watching these buffalo cross the road might have been my favorite!

The animals were so close and huge!

We had to roll up our window a couple times!

We had a BLAST!

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