Saturday, January 31, 2015

Idaho (7-2)

We enjoyed walking around downtown Emmett.  
We went into a little shop and found a new piece for our Willow Tree Nativity.
Esther took her nap in the stroller today.

Uncle Lance showed us the church renovations.  
Isaiah was excited to be allowed to try out the drum set!

Playing in the rest of the church building!

 We had really HOT weather this visit, but luckily we came prepared...water balloons!

We made it a PRIORITY! to visit the fountains again!

Isaiah was a little unsure at first.  
However, with a little mommy intervention...he began to accept the fountains.

He wasn't 100 percent convinced it was forth it...but after getting super hot
on the playground...he was ready to play in the fountains with Uncle Lance!

Esther on the other hand...LOVED every minute of the fountains!

 Isaiah is feeling comfortable now...and being silly with Uncle Lance!

 Dinner Chick Fil-A!

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