Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Monday Front Yard Fun (5-12)

Esther woke up from a nap and needed lunch, just as Isaiah and I had deiced to go out front and play chalk .  I brought Esther's highchair with lucnh to the front porch so everyone would be happy. While we were outside the garbage truck came.  The truck lever didn't work and the can got knocked over. The driver had to stand the can up and pick up a few pieces of trash.  Isaiah was watching the whole process so the driver motioned for us to come down to the truck.  He let Isaiah press the lever to lift the can up to the fun! 

While eating lunch Esther and I also played a little peek-a-boo!


When Esther was done with lunch she joined us for chalk drawing too!

Then our neighbors came out and we did swimming and water activities.

We were still playing in the pool when Daddy got home from work... so he got some wet hugs!

While Missy was taking pictures I did this... just to annoy her... I think
the picture turned out pretty cute.

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