Sunday, September 07, 2014

Aquarium (5-2)

We began the drive to the coast with yummy coffee!

Happy kids riding in the van.

Sweet sleeping Esther.

We finally made it to the aquarium!

Isaiah quickly found a fountain to watch!

We arrived to the aquarium right when they were feeding
the sea otters so we watched the sea otters for awhile.

Esther was still eating a cookie from lunch while enjoying the sea otters.

The kids loved watching the sea lions swim all around!

 The sea otter was out of the water doing tricks with the trainer.

Checking out some birds.

Group photos!

I liked this orange fish.  He was very friendly and kept swimming close to the window.

Entering the shark tank!

 Funny pictures with Mommy- its a tradition!

 Checking out the submarine.

 On the boat!

Time for some fishing!

More fishing...just for snacks this time.

Digging for sea treasures!

Our crazy neighbors who joined us on this fun adventure to the aquarium.

More pretty fish.

Beautiful jellyfish

Finally the tide pools- everyone's favorite!


Experiencing wind!

Finally a sleeping babe.

Headed home.. what is on that car?!

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