Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zoo (4-11)

We went to the zoo with our neighbors (and Daddy finally got to come too)! I love having a zoo membership and getting to go over and over.  It's fun to see the kids favorites at the zoo develop, and even change over time.  

The water with large fish has been a hit for awhile!

Spotting turtles is fun too!

What is a zoo trip if it isn't FULL of snacks!

I love when the river otters are actually out and playing.

The cougar was up close.

I'm pretty sure I asked Allie to give the bear a hug for me.  Such a sweet girl...she did!

Oh no...there is a crack in the track (A Thomas the Train book that Isaiah loves) let's take my picture next to the crack in the track.

Hey Everyone...Check out the crazy polar bear.

Esther likes to be considered a big girl now and allowed to walk around to the zoo also!

Here is a good resting spot.

Allie! What are you doing?!

Allie wanted a picture in the cave.

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