Thursday, August 21, 2014

Toy Box, Dinner Out, And Costco Faces (4-22)

The kids were happily playing with toys in their PJ's.
At some point Isaiah moved into the toy box to play.  
However, something happened and sweet sister bit Isaiah!
He was upset that his PJ shirt was wet so he took it off.

Ah, Esther's cute hair!

And before long they were both happily playing together again ... in the toy box.

While Isaiah was at preschool, Esther and I found these Frozen toys!

This evening we went to Mazatlan for dinner.  
Daddy thought his girls were cute together.

  After dinner we went to Costco.  
They were selling fountains--Isaiah was excited!

Tonight also began the face requests.  For some reason when we were leaving Isaiah asked for an angry face.  It cracked Travis and I up (and the worker for that matter).  Since then we have figured out that Isaiah has a certain face request based on the color of the pen.  Blue= angry. 

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