Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Circus Day (3-4)

Isaiah's preschool had a field trip to the McMinnville preschool site for a Circus Day.  We meet Aunt Elise and Greyson there and they got to join in the fun!  Isaiah was a little nervous about the new environment and lots of activities, but once he earned bubbles he was a happy dude!

He warmed up pretty quickly to the idea of doing the activities when it meant he got to collect prizes!

In another room there was play equipment that was fun to explore!

Esther happily stayed in her stroller throughout most of circus day!  She munched on her breakfast cereal in her snack cup.

In the hallway between the two rooms there was a cookie decorating station.  Yum!

Greyson went back into the carnival room for face paint.

Near the end of circus day Esther was starting to get bored in the stroller.  First we found her some prizes from the rice table that kept her happy for a few more minutes!  When we knew we were almost done we let her get out and walk around and play at the rice table for a few minutes.

It was fun morning at circus day and we earned LOTS of prizes!

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