Sunday, August 25, 2013

Swimming, Abby's, Sticks, and Frozen Yogurt (6-14)

We love having Daddy home on Fridays!  

On this particular Friday we had all kinds of fun...
We went swimming (no pictures- camera and water is no good).

We went out to lunch at Abby's Pizza.  
Esther decided that sleeping was more important than eating. 
We made her a soft little crib with towels from our car on one end of our table.

After lunch we went and played at Chuck and Cheryl's new house.  They brought out some fun sticks to play and build.


We finished off our day by getting frozen yogurt.  Isaiah had a great time getting to pick his favor of yogurt and special candy toppings.


 Poor Esther just had to watch us eat ours...soon baby girl!

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