Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in the Hospital...Esther is 2 Days old!

The hospital got pretty empty on Thanksgiving day.  All the mom's wanted to get discharged early so they could take their babies home for the holiday.  Our day nurse from the day before was working again and was our nurse (praise the Lord)!  She let us have the private room again...which was so nice!

We enjoyed a quiet morning with our sweet baby girl! 

Nonna and Pops bought Esther some more newborn pj's.  She likes them, except even the newborn clothes are a little big on her.

Around lunch time Nonna, Pops, and Isaiah came for a short visit.  Travis bought the hospital Thanksgiving lunch/dinner box from the cafeteria for $8.  He said it was pretty good.  Since I am not a huge Thanksgiving food fan I was fine with food we had at the hotel that Nonna and Pops brought to me.  

We stayed at the hospital all day.  Nonna and Pops entertained Isaiah for the rest of the day. They also brought us McDonald's chicken sandwiches for dinner.  We made sure to give our baby girl lots and lots of snuggles on this special Thanksgiving day!

This was our last evening of having to say goodnight to Esther and then leave her in the hospital nursery.


called 2 shepherd said...

Yay! So awesome =) She is a doll-congratulations, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Grandma said...

Sweet pictures.

Aunt Alice said...

So very happy for you all! She is such a precious baby and will be loved very much by all!!! Are you home yet?
Love you, Aunt Alice & Uncle T

Morgan Family said...


We were able to come home on Thursday (11/29). It is very good to be home and getting settled into a routine.

Thanks for the note!