Monday, July 30, 2012

Children's Parade, July 26

Our company left Thursday morning.  Thursday morning Isaiah and I also helped pick up Grammy from a doctors appointment. So I guess by the time Isaiah got down for his nap he was exceptionally tired... and I'm not sure why, but he wanted to sleep on the floor so I left him and he fell asleep.  I later slipped into his room to get this adorable picture of my baby (I mean big boy) all snuggled up on his blankie.  

Isaiah was still napping when Travis got home from work so we had a quick dinner and then once Isaiah woke up we headed to the Children's Parade and let him eat his dinner in the stroller while we waited for the parade to start.

The first part of the children's parade was the police motorcycles.

Then an old fire truck drove past.

Next, we got to see Mater (the main reason we even attended the children's parade)!

Nemo is hanging from the tow hook!

Isaiah LOVED seeing Mater and Lightening!

Lighting McQueen was pretty cool too, but Mater looked more realistic.

And then the rest of the parade wasn't anything too amazing, but Isaiah still had fun.  We thought this little kid in the airplane was cool.  When the parade was finally over Isaiah didn't want it to be over and he didn't want to leave.

After the parade we decided to go for a walk.  We headed over to a park close to our friends house that we don't often get to explore.  Our friends were getting ready to eat dinner so we just quickly said hello and then Isaiah had fun checking out the slides at the park!  After playing at the park our friends walked over to meet us and then we all walked to Jem 100 to get ice cream.  It was a fun evening, and a good start to our three day weekend!

Isaiah also spent a little time trying to improve his climbing ladder skills...he got pretty confident after a couple trips up.

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