Thursday, February 09, 2012

Baby Shower Blessings for Kayla and Baby Kiara

On Saturday, February 4, 2012 I (and two other girls: Laura and El) hosted a baby shower for Kayla and baby Kiara.  With everyone's help we had a pretty awesome party!

Since the shower was at my house I had the privilege of decorating! I used my seasonal wall to display some small baby items.

Another decoration was the count down to delivery link chain I made for Kayla.  The pink and green colored links are the days left until her due date and the 14 white links are for covering the possible two weeks late delivery.

I also got to make her baby shower cake.  Since for Kayla's Halloween costume and their Christmas card she played off the "Bun in the Oven" idea... so did I.  I think the cake turned out super cute!

The other piece that I helped plan for the shower was a blessings for Kayla and baby Kiara.  I asked the guests to write down their blessings while they ate the brunch food and visited.  Then Kayla read a blessing card out loud before opening the gift from them.  I am now in the process of assembling the blessing cards into a scrapbook for them.

I also had prearranged with Sue for her to do a devotional about blessings.  What was shared at the shower was wonderful!

Laura (on the right) also helped me plan the shower for Kayla.  Laura and Kayla are childhood friends from Madras and Laura is also due with a little girl just one week before Kayla.

Laura was in charge of some of the brunch food preparation.

She also prepared a fun word game for us to play.

El, a friend from college, was also involved in planning this shower.

El added a fun Kiara banner to my decorations.

She brought a few foods items for the brunch too.  These lady bug crackers were so cute and yummy!

She printed off March and April calendars so Kayla's friends and family could sign up to bring them dinners.

El also brought tons of crafty items for a headband making station, which ended up being a very popular activity for the baby shower guests and Kayla was super excited about Kiara getting to wear all the creations!

Kayla and Kiara were blessed with many wonderful gifts at the shower...

Thank you to El and Laura for the help planning the shower and all guests that made this day special for Kayla!  We are excited for the arrival of Kiara...but not too soon, just on time! 

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Aimee said...

Looks like a great shower! That cake is fantastic! Nice job!