Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Years Old And Learning To Write!

The Ayres family bought Isaiah (and Campbell) the Leap Frog Scribble and Write toy.  When Isaiah got the toy he was only 2 years old and not completely ready for it, but yet he LOVED it.  We still let him play with the toy and do the features he liked...pressing the buttons and listening to the toy say the letters, letter sounds, and talk about how the letters are made.  Draw a straight line down...then draw a curved line, etc.  However, he never really used the pen or writing pad part of the toy.  
Since I haven't seen Isaiah practice writing with this toy or other toys I would have NEVER know he knew how to write letters until last week.  Using a different toy...I believe his Crayola Glow Station from the Scarberry family (which I LOVE and would HIGHLY recommend) I heard Isaiah say, "I made an 's'"  My initial thoughts were no way, but then again who know this kid is pretty smart!  I walked over and looked over his shoulder at the drawing board and sure enough he had made and 's'!  This got me to thinking maybe he knows other letters too...and sure enough he did.  He used the Scribble and Write words to help him remember how to draw the letters.  I heard his little voice whisper draw a straight line down, etc. And thus began my understanding of his LOVE for letter writing.  Now it seems like that is ALL he wants to do...probably because he is still learning on how to perfect his letter writing.  He can get a pretty good version of all the upper case letters...although there is still lots of room for improvement, but he is ONLY 3!   He is less confident with the lower case letters, but still loves trying to make them or having us help him make them.

When Ruthie came for dinner last week he made sure to show her his writing abilities and get her in on the writing of letters too.  Thanks for being a good sport Ruthie!  He loved that you were into his latest skill.

His writing control is not the greatest yet , but he has an enormous amount of desire in perfecting his letters!
 This is his first writing sample on paper...he has done most of his practice on his writing board toys.

This is the letter G...not a 6 although just today he started talking about writing numbers too!  I am so impressed with his intrinsic motivation to learn.

 These aren't as neat...but there is an A and an E
 With a little extra space this was his H
Isaiah loves writing all the letters from A to Z.  He writes his letters over and over MANY times throughout the day!

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