Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas After Christmas

When we had Christmas morning in Newberg Isaiah got tired of opening his stocking gifts so we left a few wrapped under the tree to open later.  A couple days after Christmas when we were at home one afternoon I found this...
Isaiah found one of the gifts and decided it was finally time to unwrap it.  He was SO EXCITED to discover the present was play-dough.

We have always made our own play-dough so I think it though the real deal smelled nice.

Eventually I guess he got tired of the purple back to tree to unwrap other presents!

Look Mom, ORANGE play-dough!
And orange SMELLS AS GOOD as purple!

On Christmas morning Travis and I were a little bummed Isaiah wasn't in to opening all his gifts.  It was worth the wait for Isaiah to unwrap all his gifts because it was so fun to see his excitement this afternoon. He LOVED opening and playing with the play-dough!

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