Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Celebrations

Somehow I have gotten behind AGAIN with our blog.  If I weren't so far behind I may have broken this into several different posts, but instead I am giving this blog post the title Halloween Celebrations so I can share pictures from the week prior to Halloween, Halloween weekend, and Halloween night:  Monday evening.

This is our bumpy pumpkin we got at Lee Farms (mentioned in an earlier post).  This pumpkin sat on the center of our table and Isaiah loved to look at it and talk about it.

Isaiah loved to request to look at the pumpkins we carved.  He liked them in the daylight and at night.  He called them mommy's face, helicopter, and daddy's face.

On Sunday evening our church did Trunk of Treat.  We knew Isaiah probably wouldn't LOVE it, but we took him anyways to check it out. He had fun dressing up in his firefighter costume, riding in mommy's car, and carrying his bag, but he was pretty adamant "no candy!"

There was a bonfire in the center of the Trunk or Treat set up.  Isaiah thought the fire was neat to watch.  We tried to get the firefighter by the fire for a picture, but it was too dark to get a quality shot.

When we went inside the church to see the games Isaiah just stood from the side and watched and then was quickly ready to go.  We knew we wouldn't stay long (ended up only being there for 30 minutes), but we were proud that Isaiah at least walked around and checked things out even if he didn't get any candy to eat (or share with his mommy and daddy).

On Sunday evening after Truck or Treat Isaiah asked to go see Nonna and Pops.  We decided to make a quick trip to Sherwood to show off his cute costume!

The boots and hat were hard to keep on our silly firefighter!

Isaiah made sure to get in a few barrel spins in his Halloween costume.

On Monday, the day of Halloween I took this picture of our baby monitor...silly sleeping boy!

After Travis got home from work, we headed down to McMinnville.  We had a quick bite to eat and then we headed to Dan and Elise's church Trunk or Treat.

The Willis family dressed up to match their diner themed trunk.  There was a chef, a waitress, and two adorable hamburgers!


I think that about wraps up all our Halloween celebrations!  Good thing too, as  blogger has been acting up hence why this post took me so long to create, and it is almost 11pm (past my bed time)!

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