Friday, October 28, 2011

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Last year our family, my sister's family, and our parents went to a pumpkin patch together out on Sauvie Island.  We had a lot of fun. So this past Saturday was family pumpkin patch day.  Since my sister has a little dude this year we picked a closer farm.  We went to Lee Farms.  We have actually been to this farm pre-kids, and it is alright.  However, everything costs extra so we didn't end up doing a whole lot because we are too cheap.  We did get a cool bumpy pumpkin and ate some yummy donuts!

 My beautiful sister and Greyson, our newest little dude in the family!

Campbell really wanted to ride a pony and he loved it!  The pony ride cost six dollars so we weren't too interested in having Isaiah ride.  Isaiah didn't ask either...he just enjoyed watching his cousin ride.  Perfect for us!

 Petting his horse!
Giving a big CHEESE smile!

While Nonna and I went inside the barn store to buy donuts the boys enjoyed watching and petting the chicks.

We all enjoyed the apple Cinnamon donuts.

Next we got to pet goats.  Isaiah didn't like the goats though because he was right at the same height as them.  After this activity we washed our hands in a trough.

 Isaiah is hiding behind me and Travis is trying to convince him the goats are cool. 

All the pumpkins were laying out on a field...not quiet the same a picking them off the vine.  However, I do love my bumpy pumpkin we bought for four dollars...not too bad a price.  While I was looking at pumpkins my sweet nephew came up and gave me a kiss on the back.

The boys loved the tractor!

 But most importantly...the boys love each other!

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