Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trip to Puyallup

Last weekend we went to Puyallup to attend a memorial service for a family member on Travis' side of the family.  Travis had the honor of singing two songs by Mercy Me at the service.  He sang "Homesick" as a duet with his sister and "I Can Only Imagine."  Isaiah and I spent most of the service in the atrium and the highlight for Isaiah was hearing Daddy sing.  His favorite song was "Imagine".  In fact most of the car ride up and back we listened to a LOT of "Imagine"!

After the memorial service we drove to Bothell and spent the night in a hotel.  Isaiah enjoyed swimming in the hotel pool.  However, his favorite part of the hotel stay was the ELEVATOR!  We rode the elevator many times in our short stay.

On Sunday morning we drove to Mill Creek to see my friend Leia (from Jr. High/High School), her husband Jason, and her new baby Cambrynn.  I can't believe it, but somehow both Leia and I forgot to take pictures when we were together so I had to steal a picture off Leia's facebook.  Luckily Leia took a picture on the same day we visited just later in the this was the outfit Cambrynn was in when I got to meet her...and she is so cute.  I had fun holding her for almost an hour!  It was great to catch up with friends.

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