Thursday, August 25, 2011


We have had MANY parks trips this summer.  Here are a few pictures from two park visits in early and mid August.  At the beginning of the summer Isaiah really liked the slides, but now it seems he really likes the swings.  He has been requesting more park trips so I am sure there will still be  MANY park trips (even after I go back to teaching from 8-12 starting next week0. 

I started riding the tire swing and then Isaiah and Campbell decided to join me too.  We all had fun on the tire swing!
These animal statues are at a park behind our library.  When I first put Isaiah on, he was unsure and very carefully studied the animal.
Isaiah enjoyed another type of swing...although I think I spun him a little too fast and he got a little dizzy so that made him a little unhappy.
Isaiah sitting on the dog.
Isaiah petting the dog.
Isaiah liked giving the dog loves.

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